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Due to some life changes coming for our family, I will be halting my Lionhead project. At this time I need to concentrate on other things and I have had some major difficulties with DQ's showing up and some other issues in getting show quality Lions. Once things get settled, I will make a decision on whether or not I will continue in Lionheads.


So there will be no Lionhead litters this year and I will not be showing them either.

Most of my stock will be for sale as pets. I have all older stock at this time.

I will be going through my herd and selling them as pets due to the issues.


At this time I will only be working on my Holland Lops. This is my heart breed and I cannot let them go. Hopefully I will have a few litters just to keep my girls breeding. I may have to put off shows for the next year as per the statement above unless I can sneak a couple in.


Thank You, Dawn


Rabbits for Sale

Updated: 4-10-2017


Stock I have for sale:


I have Lionheads for sale on my pet pages


I have a couple of Hollands for sale on my pet pages


I have no babies available at this time. I will not have Lionhead baby at all.


Thank you!







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